FAQ Page

Why is VetGigs a great option for me?

VetGigs is a platform by Veterans, for Veterans and their Spouses. We focus on skilled professional services jobs that provide income to launch many military families into higher income levels and provide a strong sense of professional purpose. We make freelancing easier by allowing you to get gigs easier, reducing the amount of time negotiating, and ensuring safe, fast, and reliable payment.

Can I live anywhere?

Yes! Unless there is a specific requirement for the location of work, most gigs can be completed remotely. 

How long does it take to get set up?

It depends on you, if you have your information on hand, setup is fast and easy! Making your profile is a breeze and setting up your Stripe account is an easy workflow. 

Do you take ACH Payment?

Yes! We allow for payment via credit/debit card or ACH payment with Stripe. 

What happens if it’s just not working out with my Client?

Work secured through VetGigs is between the freelancers and the clients. Gigs can be ended early if agreed upon between both parties. Contact your client and request that the gig is ended early so they can close the job on their VetGigs profile.

Can I call or have a video call with potential Clients?

Yes, absolutely! All communication with potential or current clients should be completed through the platform. You can do so using Chat feature or Video feature. 

Can I work on-site?

Yes, if the client has requested or required onsite work, you can make those accommodations through them. 

Can I convert to an employee with my Client?

Yes! This happens frequently. We are happy to facilitate this and should it happen, employers agree to pay a fee of 10% of the first-year salary to VetGigs which does not come from your pay. 

How do I post a job?

First, you will need an employer account. This can be made at app.vetgigs.com. You can then select the post a job button at the top of the page.

How does VetGigs get me jobs?

VetGigs uses the skills you input on your profile to match you with jobs. You will receive an email when jobs are posted that meet your listed hard/soft skills or certifications. Make sure to be thorough and list all that are applicable! We will also keep you in mind when speaking with new employers so we are working to match you to jobs that have yet to even be posted!

Pricing & Payment

How do I get paid?

You are paid according to the terms of your proposal to the employer. This can be on a single payment, weekly reoccurring, or monthly reoccurring basis.

When will I get payment from my job?

Repeating Milestones

  1. On Sunday 11pm UTC, the current cycle ends, and the Customer is emailed the number of hours that the Freelancer has submitted for that cycle.
  2. On Friday 11pm UTC, the Customer is automatically charged the invoice total, based on the number of hours submitted.
  3. Within Stripe, the Customer Admin Fee, Freelancer Admin Fee, and the Commission are deducted, then the remainder is transferred to the Freelancer’s Stripe Connected Account.
  4. Immediately after the transfer, Stripe pays out the funds relating to that milestone, to the Freelancer’s bank account.

Single Milestones:

Payment will occur on Friday 11pm UTC after the payment is authorized (when the employer approves that the work completed). The payment will have already been pulled and held safely in escrow pending this authorization to pay you out. 

Notes on timing

=> It can take up to 7 days for Stripe to process the Customer’s initial payment.

=> Once a Payout to the Freelancer’s bank account has been approved, the funds should arrive the same day. In rare cases, it can take up to 5 working days to arrive.

How much are commission fees?

Commissions are almost all 10% but can be 5% if billing over $10,000 and 20% if billing less than $500. Freelancers can get far discounted commissions (as low as 1%) by referring other freelancers to the platform. 

Can payment be made with a credit card?

Yes! Credit and debit are accepted in addition to ACH transfer.

How is payment processed?

Payment is processed via Stripe, a leading payment provider. 

How much does VetGigs take in commission?

$1-$499 = 20%

$500-$10,000 = 10%

$10,001 + =5%

We charge NO fees on top of our commission so you are able to send as many bids or messages as you would like. We also don’t charge for accounts so creating a profile is risk-free! These commissions allow us to pay for our system maintenance, continue to add functionality and get the work out to Veterans and Spouses in need. 

How much are payment fees?

Employers pay Stripe fees of 2.9% +$.39 but nothing else! Profiles and posting jobs are free!

Can Veteran dependents join?

We are currently open to Veteran Spouses and Veterans but we may grow to include Veteran dependents in the future.