We make it straightforward and affordable to hire freelancers, and to work as freelancers.


Here's how projects work.

1. A Buyer posts a job.

2. A Seller sends a proposal to the Buyer.

3. The Buyer accepts the proposal, which forms a contract.

4. The Buyer deposits the full value of the job.  This is held in a EU-Regulated Escrow account in their name.

5. The Seller finishes the work.

6a. Single Contracts: The Buyer signs-off the Milestone and funds are transferred to the Seller.

6b. Ongoing Contracts: Funds are transferred to the Seller automatically at the end of the cycle.

7. Sellers can withdraw funds into their bank accounts.


Buyer Fees

2% admin fee per payment

For example, when making a payment of $100, there would be an admin fee of $2.

These costs help us cover the operational expenses of providing payment services through the platform.


Seller Fees

20% commission fee per job with discounts assigned for higher milestone payments that can reduce commission down to 5%.

As an example, there would be a fee of $10 for a $50 job.  When the Buyer signs-off the job, VetGigs will automatically charge this 20% fee, and the remaining 80% ($40) will transfer to the Seller's e-wallet and be available to be withdrawn to their bank account.

Additional discounts on this commission are available for providing referrals.

These costs help us cover the operational expenses of the many system licenses associated with offering the platform for freelancers.