Free Certifications For Veterans and Military Spouses

About the Certifications

Many of the technology companies that offer certifications have a free program for veterans and military spouses. We do not facilitate training ourselves at VetGigs but we do gather information about these free programs and put together instructions on how to pursue them. We focus on the certifications that will enable to break into careers in technology, consulting, and other white collar roles. Already there? Check out these certifications to advance your career, grow your salary, and/or bill for higher amounts.

We believe Veterans have earned the right to transition into well paying careers and the soft skills built during their service position them to succeed. You have a wealth of skills and experience to bring into the civilian workforce and VetGigs is here to help!

Free Technology Resources

Learn about the different self guided Salesforce Certifications paths here. These certification programs allow you to progress on your own time, as fast or slow as your schedule allows. When you're ready to begin pursuit of one, you can sign up via the link to the right.

Act Now Education assembled resources available for Veterans. Think of them as a go to source when you're not sure what is out there, or what may help.

Workday Career Accelerator Program (CAP), a four-month paid program, veterans get the training needed to launch a successful career in technology.

Veterans may have an opportunity to work full time with Workday after or could pursue lucrative contract work through VetGigs after receiving their certification(s).

Apprenti trains veterans and military spouses to join the tech sector and places them in fully paid apprenticeship positions. Yes, you read that right, paid apprenticeship.

Allegiant Giving provides FREE Coursera subscriptions allowing you to get certifications from top Universities in things like project management, change management, business strategy, technology, and operations. This is a fantastic tool that every Veteran and Veteran Dependent should take advantage of.

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A Merivis cohort is a program that delivers official Salesforce technical training classes with a supporting learning path that includes personal coaching and collaborations amongst current and previous cohort members. A typical Merivis cohort learning path will combine Trailhead content and custom assignments designed to provide business and technical context to each student.

Bootcamp Scholarships

VetGigs and VSchool have teamed up to provide an incredible experience for our veterans, military spouses, and current service-members interested in taking a bootcamp. You will receive 40 hours of FREE training to confirm that the program is right for you. After that, you can use your GI Bill and/or receive a $2,000 scholarship towards your program using the signup link on the picture above or the QR Code below.


Already certified and ready to work or interested in seeing what's out there before pursuing training? Join VetGigs at the button below for free today! Keep your profile up to date to match with jobs and freelance gigs that meet your background.

VetGigs has teamed up with Brioworklife to provide a free resume workshop WEEKLY facilitated with our CEO and a Fortune 100 Sr. HR Manager.